What’s The Best Natural BV Cure?

What’s The Best Natural BV Cure?

A lot of women wonder what the best natural cure for BV is.  For my money, it’s hydrogen peroxide.

Used for decades as a powerful topical antiseptic for cuts and minor abrasions, hydrogen peroxide has been more recently recognized as a great choice for natural treatment of chronic bacterial vaginosis.  In fact, women find that their BV can be cured within just a few days using a combination of hydrogen peroxide, probiotics and folic acid.

The easiest way to use hydrogen peroxide is to make a hydrogen peroxide douche – just mix 1/3 hydrogen peroxide (3%)  with 2/3 water and use a regular douche kit to administer it.  The best time to do this is right after bed and I would recommend bathing first.  Alternatively, you can take a regular tampon, soak it in the same mixture and then insert it into your vagina.  Leave it in overnight and then remove in the morning.  Both of these treatment methods have been proven to be very safe and effective.

In addition, you should introduce probiotic supplements and folic acid into your diet as these will really help your body to adjust its pH balance and fight off the bacterial infection which causes BV.  Probiotics (like plain yogurt with live cultures) are readily obtainable at most health food stores and folic acid can be found at almost any supermarket or drug store.  These natural infection fighters combined with hydrogen peroxide can be a very effective weapon in the battle against BV.

Also remember to eat a healthy diet high in greens and vegetables and drink a lot of water.  Although it might sound like silly advice that your mom would give you, these changes will also do wonders for your body’s ability to combat infection.

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