Can Hydrogen Peroxide Cure BV Naturally?

Can Hydrogen Peroxide Cure BV Naturally?

Does Hydrogen Peroxide Cure BV?

I’m frequently asked whether hydrogen peroxide is an effective treatment for BV, particularly by women who are suffering from recurrent BV and have had very little luck with other conventional treatments like Metrogel (metronidazole) and other prescription treatments.

While the idea of inserting hydrogen peroxide into the vagina may sound crazy at first, hydrogen peroxide can, in fact, be a very effective cure for BV and is one of the treatments that I most often recommend.

So, how does hydrogen peroxide cure BV? Well, hydrogen peroxide is actually a very simple combination of hydrogen and oxygen which together have a strong cleansing or “oxidizing” effect. Due to these strong properties it is often used as a form of bleach or cleansing agent. In lower concentrations (like the 3% variety commonly sold in drug stores) it is an effective antiseptic which can be used undiluted to treat cuts and other external wounds. When used inside the vagina (and properly diluted!), it can be an extremely effective antibiotic/antiseptic which kills the bacteria which cause BV and also eliminates the fishy smell that accompanies the condition. In fact, many women have reported that hydrogen peroxide is extremely effective in treating bacterial vaginosis in a very short period of time.

How to Treat BV with Hydrogen Peroxide.

For best results, I recommend that you use either a hydrogen peroxide douche or a hydrogen peroxide soaked tampon.

To create a hydrogen peroxide douche, simply buy a home douching kit and fill the applicator half with water and half with 3% hydrogen peroxide. (Remember that it’s very important to dilute the peroxide to minimize any potential for burning or irritation). Then simply douche according to the instruction that came with the applicator. You can repeat this process once a day until symptoms subside. If you experience much discomfort or burning, you should discontinue use although reports of such adverse side effects have been rare.

If you would prefer to use a hydrogen peroxide soaked tampon to cure your BV (instead of douching), simply prepare a mixture of half water and half hydrogen peroxide (3%), soak a tampon in it and then insert the tampon as you would normally. I recommend that you do this at night before bed and then remove it in the morning to give your vagina a chance to breath. Again, you can repeat this process until symptoms subside but you should discontinue if you experience any significant discomfort or if your symptoms have not disappeared after 5 days.

For even better results, I recommend that you combine your hydrogen peroxide regimen with probiotics like acidipholus. Probiotics are very effective in helping restore vaginal pH which is key to preventing your BV from returning. As a result, the combination of hydrogen peroxide and probiotics can provide an excellent 1-2 knockout punch. To learn more about probiotics and how they can help treat your BV, check out my article on it here.

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