BV and Epsom Salts

BV and Epsom Salts

One of my readers ask recently whether Epsom salts could help them cure their BV so I thought I would just write a quick post on the subject.

Epsom salts are composed primarily of a chemical compound known as magnesium sulfate, a bitter inorganic substance that has been used for decades to help soothe common skin conditions as well as foot and muscle soreness. The term “Epsom salt” is derived from the town of Epsom in England, where the salt was produced from the porous clay springs in the surrounding area.

Although Epsom salts have known medicinal properties, the reason for their inclusion in bath salts and foot bath products is mainly cosmetic as the salts help reduce the temporary skin wrinkling that occurs on hands and feet prolonged immersion in water. However, there is also some evidence that Epsom salts can be absorbed by the body, thereby reducing inflammation the skin reducing inflammation and relieving muscle soreness. Therefore, the salts are often included in topical creams or gels designed to treat aches and pains.

Some women have reported that the use of an Epsom salt bath has helped them treat their bacterial vaginosis and that soaking regularly in a hot bath containing Epsom salt has helped to clear up their infection and also left them more clean and refreshed. In addition, the healing properties in Epsom salts can also help relieve the itching that often accompanies BV. Having said this, there is no published research suggesting that Epsom salts are actually an effective natural cure for BV on their own and, in my personal opinion, if you are looking to add something to your bath water to help you treat BV, I would choose tea tree oil. It’s infection fighting properties are indisputable and there is no doubt that it can be a very significant and effective part of your natural BV treatment plan.

If you are interested in trying Epsom salts to help with your BV, simply add about half a cup to your bath water and soak in it for 20 minutes to half an hour, taking care to dry off thoroughly afterward. If you would like to know more about using tea tree oil as a cure for BV, check out my post on tea tree oil here.

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  1. shanika williams says:

    Im on my second day of treatment and im already feeling better im very grateful that I found this website because I feel like Iwas on the verge of losing my mind and now I feel like there’s hope-thank you

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