BV and Cranberry Juice

BV and Cranberry Juice

Does Cranberry Juice Help Cure BV? – Cranberries have long been known to help prevent and fight infections.  My grandma always swore by it as a sure fire way to keep urinary tract problems at bay and she lived to be 100 years old so she must have been doing something right!  It’s no wonder then that many women wonder about incorporating cranberry juice into their BV fighting regimen.

The science behind cranberry juice is fairly simple – cranberries inhibit the growth of bacteria by promoting an acidic environment which makes it very difficult for bacteria to thrive.  The strong citric acid in cranberry juice not only benefits a woman’s  urinary tract, but can also help to gently and naturally balance  the bacteria which occur naturally within the vaginal cavity.

Studies show that women who drink cranberry juice on a regular basis, particularly pure cranberry juice without any added sugar tend to have better overall vaginal health and less incidence of infection.  Aside from acidic properties, cranberry juice is also a great source of important antioxidants known as “proanthocyanidins”  which help the body’s immune system to fight bacteria.

Cranberry juice also has diuretic properties (in other words, it makes you pee!), which helps flush the body of toxins and maintain bacterial balance.  Therefore, the consumption of cranberry juice on a daily basis can really help reduce your chances of developing a bacterial vaginosis infection and  can even help to treat BV if you have already contracted it.

Of course, if you are suffering from BV right now and are looking to treat it naturally, I certainly wouldn’t recommend cranberry juice as a stand alone treatment.  As I’ve outlined above, it has great infection fighting properties but it’s not a silver bullet and is unlikely to rid you of BV all by itself.  Instead, you would want to consider using a range of natural cures and simply including cranberry juice as a component of your treatment plan and as part of your overall vaginal health maintenance routine to help you prevent your BV from recurring down the road.

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