Yogurt for BV – Does Yogurt Cure Bacterial Vaginosis?

Yogurt for BV – Does Yogurt Cure Bacterial Vaginosis?

Yogurt can be a great way to treat bacterial vaginosis. In particular, if you are pregnant and are suffering from bv, then you probably will not want to take any drugs or chemicals that are not absolutely necessary. So eating yogurt is a wonderful  effective natural way to get permanent relief from bacterial vaginosis.

Before you run to the fridge to grab a peach melba yogurt, the yogurt we are discussing is natural yogurt that you buy from a health food store.

How does yogurt work?  Yogurt contains the healthy bacteria called acidophilus. In order to get relief you need to eat around eight ounces of natural yogurt per day. Natural yogurt is sometimes described as a live yogurt because it contains these special cultures, or bacteria, that are healthy.

Another way to take natural yogurt is to insert it into your vagina directly. This is a good way to use natural yogurt if you want fast results, although I would not recommend this method for pregnant women. If you are pregnant and want to try this method, speak to your medical professional first. Please be aware that your medical team may advise against it.

You can insert it into your vagina using a small smooth spoon. Another way is to use a turkey baster to add it to your vagina. You can simply suck the yogurt into the baster and then put it directly into your vagina. Whatever you decide to use make sure it is clean. You do not want to add any unnecessary bacteria to the area. It is a good idea to wear some panty liners that are unscented, to protect your underwear.

Finally, you can buy gelatin capsules containing the bacteria acidophilus which can be inserted into your vagina as easily as a tampon. Tablets are also available and these too can be taken vaginally.

While bacterial vaginosis is horribly unpleasant and can be difficult to eliminate, it is definitely treatable with the right combination of remedies and simple dietary changes.  If I can be of any help, please be sure to leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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