Is Tea Tree Oil an Effective BV Cure?

Is Tea Tree Oil an Effective BV Cure?

Bacterial Vaginosis and Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil (known to the science community as Melaleuca Alternifolia) has been shown in studies to be not only effective for treating yeast infection but for treating bacterial vaginosis as well.

If you are currently suffering from bacterial vaginosis  (or are a chronic BV sufferer looking for a way out of the continual discomfort and embarrassment that comes with BV), then you would definitely do well to consider tea tree oil as part of a holistic treatment.  In fact, some researchers claim that those taking tea tree oil have significantly reduced or eliminated their BV in less than six weeks.  While I tend to be a little skeptical that tea tree oil will, all by itself, completely eliminate bacterial vaginosis, I do strongly believe that it can be an integral part of any woman’s natural BV treatment plan.

To treat your Bacterial Vaginosis with tea tree oil, I would suggest that you purchase tea tree oil in suppository form from your local health food store.  Alternatively, you could make your own using a gel capsule filled with a mixture of one-third tea tree oil and two-thirds vitamin E oil or even use a tampon which has been treated with the same mixture.  However, for my money, the ready made suppositories are the most hygienic and least messy of the three alternatives and therefore, I would say that it is the preferred method of treatment.

For best results, I would suggest that you keep the tea tree oil treatments up for a period of six weeks and incorporate other natural treatments as well.  In my experience, using a few treatments at once is the best method for getting great results and keeping bacterial vaginosis at bay for the long term!

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