How To Cure Bacterial Vaginosis Naturally

How To Cure Bacterial Vaginosis Naturally

In this post, I want to address some of the ways in which you can cure bacterial vaginosis naturally.

As you probably know, bacterial vaginosis is an infection caused by an imbalance in the natural pH of the vagina.   It occurs when the microorganism “Gardnerella Vaginalis” takes over and outnumbers the other healthy bacteria in the vagina.  Since this it’s a bacterial condition, BV is usually treated with antibiotics. But for those who have not had success with antibiotics or who want to avoid using antibiotics altogether, natural remedies are available.

Since the condition is caused by a pH imbalance, more specifically a rise in the pH (making the vagina more basic than acidic), most natural remedies focus more on restoring the natural acidic pH of the vagina.

One natural remedy for restoring the pH of the vagina is douching with acetic acid or vinegar two or three times a day.    You can do this by diluting one to two tablespoons of acetic acid or vinegar in 500 ml to 1 liter of clean water, and use this to rinse the vagina.

The use of vinegar may sound a little harsh but several studies have shown that the use of acetic acid does indeed restore the vagina’s natural pH, enhancing the growth of the natural flora lactobacilli which kills and controls the number of pathogenic bacteria causing the infection.

Another natural way of curing bacterial vaginosis is avoiding the circumstances which lessen the pH or acidity and, in particular modifying your hygiene routines. Contrary to popular belief that bacterial vaginosis is caused by a lack of hygiene, in many cases overhygienic practices are a contributing factor.   For instance, douching and vaginal wash using antiseptics have been found to decrease the good bacteria found in the vagina. This is due to the fact that these actions decrease the acidic pH of the vagina, leading to a corresponding decrease in the number of microbial protectors (mainly lactobacilli). The decrease causes a number of vaginal infections, bacterial vaginosis being one of them.

A natural way of managing this condition is to avoid douching or washing with vaginal antiseptics too often. Cleaning or douching once a month at most is most recommended; using vaginal washes that are mild and unscented are also recommended as these types of products do not interfere with the normal pH of the vagina.

In addition to these measures, one of the very best ways to cure bacterial vaginosis naturally is the use of probiotics and hydrogen peroxide douches.  You can get all the details on these home remedies in my 100%  free report on natural bacterial vaginosis cures.  To grab your copy, just complete the form on the right hand side of the site and get ready for lots of useful information on how you can get rid of BV for good!

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3 Responses to How To Cure Bacterial Vaginosis Naturally

  1. Celeste McDaniel says:

    Kathy, thank you! Just wanted to let you know that I tried the ebook recommended on your site and am completely BV symptom free in less than a week. I can’t tell you how happy I am. :-) ))

  2. Baristagirl says:

    This is great stuff. Really excited about trying out some of these natural bv treatments. I have taken Flagyl many times on the advice of my doctor but it has only worked as a temporary solution. Now I’m starting to understand why.

  3. tracy gonzaga says:

    Thanks Kathy! Just took a look at your free report and I gotta say that I’m impressed with how much information it contains. Gonna dive into it right away…

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