Garlic and Bacterial Vaginosis

Garlic and Bacterial Vaginosis

Is Garlic an Effective Treatment for BV?

Bacterial vaginosis is basically a bacterial infection of a woman’s vagina resulting in numerous irritating symptoms.  The most typical signs of a BV infection are soreness of the vaginal area, inflammation, burning, distressing discharge from the vagina and discomfort in the course of sexual activity.

You’ll see reference on the internet to numerous prescription medications to heal bacterial vaginosis; and they can be effective in some cases.  However,  the unfortunate is that they are often quite expensive and don’t work for everyone.  That’s where natural bacterial vaginosis cures come in – they’re very inexpensive and can be very effective either on their own or even as a complement to traditional medicine.

When it comes to effective treatment, the challenge is to change the pH levels in your body to make the vaginal region intolerable for harmful bacteria. This involves decreasing the pH inside of the vagina.  One effective remedy for reducing this pH balance is garlic. It’s has excellent  anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and is effective against the bacteria which lead to bacterial vaginosis infection.   Those women who incorporate a great deal of garlic in their diets have reported great results in reducing and eliminating their bacterial vaginosis.

The most effective way of ingesting garlic is to eat a clove or two of fresh garlic per day.  Of course, while this is a great way to treat the condition quickly, it’s also a great way to alienate those around you!  To avoid this, consider taking a garlic supplement which is readily available at any drug store or supermarket.  Using a garlic supplement  (just follow the manufacturer’s instructions) will avoid the bad breath that comes with eating raw garlic while still providing the majority of the benefit.

So, is garlic an effective way to treat bacterial vaginosis?  Definitely, especially when combined with other natural remedies and as part of an overall program to re-establish your body’s natural pH balance.


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