Is Sugar Fuelling Your BV?

Is Sugar Fuelling Your BV?

Recently, I was talking to a woman named Sara who suffered from BV for nearly a year.  She had tried metronidazole and while it worked initially, it left her feeling sick and her BV came back within two weeks.

She also tried some of the best natural remedies for BV including probiotics, hydrogen peroxide douches, vinegar douches and yogurt. She also took folic acid and vitamin C tablets. Again, all of these things worked great in the short term but, within a few days, her bacterial vaginosis returned.

The experience took a real toll on her and she stopped having intimate relationships altogether as she felt she could not be in close proximity with other people for fear that they would be able to smell her.

Eventually, Sara was advised by a nutritional consultant to increase her probiotic intake and, at the same time, stop eating sugar which is known to be a contributing factor to BV in many women.

As you can imagine, she found it very difficult at first not to consume sugar as it’s so prevalent in our modern daily diets. Not only are there obvious foods that are high in sugar like candy and chocolate but also several other foods that one might normally think of as healthy, such as honey, granola bars and breakfast cereal. However, she remained disciplined and stuck to her diet and, much to her surprise, found that the smell had completely disappeared within four days.

Eventually, Sara relaxed a little bit on her diet but found that, when she did, the smelly discharge would return within 24 hours every time. She now religiously avoids sugar and takes her probiotics every day and has completely eliminated her bacterial vaginosis. It’s had a huge effect on her life and she is now dating again for the first time in months.  As an added bonus, she has also lost weight and feels much healthier overall!

While most women don’t think of sugar as a cause of bacterial vaginosis, it is actually a huge factor in many cases.   So, if you’ve been suffering from BV and haven’t had much luck with conventional treatment (or even the most common natural remedies), you might want to try eliminating sugar from your diet and see what effect it has. You may be pleasantly surprised!

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4 Responses to Is Sugar Fuelling Your BV?

  1. Mary Vaught says:

    I do not eat sugar, I follow the Joel Fuhrman diet. I do eat a lot of Fruit. I have gotten a lot of Help from this website. I am following the protocol with the three components right now, odor is gone. Also I do not have the discharge. I was on vacation when this all started, I have had a problem several times in the past and used garlic inserted in vagina that helped a lot. But some unpleasant effects as well. I hope at the end of 30 days that I can say goodbye to BV. Thanks

  2. Maille Boucher says:

    Nice…thanks for this. Didn’t realize that diet could make a such a huge difference. Will cut down on my sugar and fat intake and see what happens.

  3. Vera says:

    This is good to know. I would consider myself generally a healthy eater but I like to have a can of coke at work in the afternoon and I see how the sugar could be a factor in my ongoing BV struggles. Going to replace that with a healthier option going forward.

  4. MP says:

    I have always eaten a lot of sugar and never considered that this could actually be contributing to the bacterial vaginitis that I have been suffering from for years. What an awakening. Will definitely be reducing my intake of sweets and keeping my fingers crossed.

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