Acidophilus For Bacterial Vaginosis

Acidophilus For Bacterial Vaginosis

One way to help stop bacterial vaginosis in its tracks is to add acidophilus to your diet or you’re routine. Acidophilus for bacterial vaginosis offers a great cure because you are simply adding the good bacteria, acidophilus, to the area which has a large amount of bad bacteria. Since the good bacteria keep the bad bacteria in check, acidophilus can be a very effective part of your BV treatment.  In fact, the Mayo Clinc reports that many human trials have shown acidophilus to have been very beneficial to women suffering from BV.

How to Use Acidophilus for BV

Acidophilus can be used to treat BV in a couple of different ways.  First, you can buy tablets that contain acidophilus and insert them directly into your vagina. One woman that I spoke to from Connecticut recently mentioned that her doctor suggested she take an acidophilus tablet, add a little water, and crush it into a paste. Then she was told to place the mixture in her vagina after she had had intercourse, since this was the time the symptoms were at their worst. She described it as having worked wonders for her.

Are there other ways to get the benefits of acidophilus? Absolutely.  You can find natural yogurt in your local health food store, and this contains high levels of acidophilus. Make sure you buy the “live” yogurt, since this is the one with the live bacteria in it; the acidophilus that you need. It can be ingested orally (eaten) and is not only a great way to help cure vaginosis but is great for your digestive system as well.

You can also insert a small amount of yogurt directly into the vagina using a syringe. Some women have also found that an effective way to relieve the symptoms is by inserting a tampon, previously allowed to soak in the yogurt, into their vagina, and to leave it there for a couple of hours. When the tampon is removed, the smell is already reduced. Use another tampon, also previously soaked in yogurt for another two hours.

It is even possible to get gelatin pessaries with the acidophilus bacteria although of course gelatin is an animal by-product so vegetarians may not want to consider them.

Whichever way you want to include acidophilus into your life, rest assured that you will find it kind to your body, with no side effects, and a great effective method for helping to relieve the symptoms of BV and restore your body’s natural pH balance.


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  1. Jasmine says:

    I’ve been taking acidopholis 3x a day for the past 3days and im not discharging. The smell is faint. Im still going to the Dr but the pills have helped me with bv

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