How To Treat BV at Home

How To Treat BV at Home

Bacterial vaginosis is a condition affecting approximately one in three women. Although it is usually treated with prescription drugs, there are some excellent alternatives. Here’s how you can treat BV at home.

First, if you have been prescribed antibiotics by your doctor, ensure that you finish the entire prescription before moving on to a home treatment. As you may know, failing to complete your course of antibiotic treatment can result in the bacteria which caused the infection to come back even stronger than ever.

In order to treat your bacterial vaginosis at home, you should not only avoid the conditions which gave rise to the infection in the first place, but also introduce a few dietary and lifestyle changes which will not only treat the symptoms in the short term it also eliminate the underlying causes and prevent your BV from returning.

A couple of the most common culprits in the development of bacterial vaginosis are the following:

  • tight pants or underwear which restricted the ability of your vagina to breathe. This causes unnecessary heat and moisture which allow the gardnerella bacteria to thrive.
  • use of body products which contain chemicals or are strongly scented. These types of products are particularly a problem when they are used in a bath since there is more of a chance that they will be introduced into your vaginal cavity. Once that happens, they harm your natural pH balance and allow the dangerous bacteria to take over. Likewise, you should avoid using scented tampons or pads which can also affect pH balance.

In addition to avoiding these environmental factors, there are several things that you can do to cure your bacterial vaginosis at home. First and foremost, you should consider introducing yogurt into your diet. Yogurt contains helpful bacteria which can help restore your body’s natural balance and ward off the harmful bacteria. Bacteria can be taken orally or they can be inserted into the vagina. Either way, a great way to treat BV.

One of the other homes treatment that is also extremely helpful is hydrogen peroxide. When properly diluted with water, it makes an excellent antiseptic douche which not only attacks the harmful bacteria but also restores vaginal balance which prevents the bacteria from returning.

Finally, folic acid, long known for its beneficial effects for pregnant women, is also known to really enhance vaginal health. The combinatin of folic acid together with yogurt and an antiseptic douche are an excellent three-pronged approach to treating bacterial vaginosis.

For more information on using these cures to eliminate your BV, download my free report. It’s full of important facts about bacterial vaginosis and the natural cures that you can use to treat it at home.

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