“Gardnerella” – The Cause of Bacterial Vaginosis

“Gardnerella” – The Cause of Bacterial Vaginosis

Gardnerella and Bacterial Vaginosis.

If you’ve been to your doctor or done some research online regarding BV, you may have come across the term “gardnerella” and wondered what it is.  Quite simply, gardnerella is the so-called “bad” bacteria which leads to bacterial vaginosis infection.

In its healthy state, the vagina is home to mostly “good” bacteria and only a relatively small amount of the “bad” bacteria.  However, when the vagina’s natural state is disturbed, often the number of gardnerella bacteria increases drastically.  This increase in gardnerella bacteria combined with fewer healthy bacteria, leads to the bacterial vaginosis infection and all of the unpleasant and uncomfortable symptoms that come with it.

Although the underlying causes which lead to the proliferation of gardnerella bacteria are not fully understood, it is known that any substance which affects the vagina’s natural pH balance can contribute to the problem.  Some of these causes include:

  • unprotected sexual intercourse with many (or new) partners;
  • the use of an intrauterine device (no longer commonly used) for birth control;
  • regular douching;
  • using scented soaps and perfumes in the vaginal area;
  • emotional stress; and
  • dietary imbalances.

The most common symptoms of bacterial vaginosis include itching, irritation, a discharge (often milky in appearance) and a foul, fishy smelling odor.  If you are uncertain whether you are suffering from bacterial vaginosis, your doctor can peform some simples tests to confirm a diagnosis.

Once your diagnosis is confirmed, your doctor will likely prescribe antibiotic medicine which, for many women, is effective.  However, in many women, bacterial vaginosis will persist or return even with the use of prescription drugs and, for that reason, I generally recommend taking additional steps to treat the problem using natural methods which are designed not only to provide short term eradication of the gardnerella bacteria but to keep the vagina in its natural state of pH balance so that the harmful bacteria cannot thrive in the future!

If you are interested in treating your BV naturally, please take some time to look around my site.  You’ll find a lot of information which I hope will help you in your search for a cure!

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