Does BV Cause Miscarriage?

Does BV Cause Miscarriage?

Women who are pregnant or looking to become pregnant often wonder whether their BV can cause a miscarriage and, if so, how.

While there has not been a ton of research on BV and miscarriage,  there is at least one study which found a  link between BV and the risk of a second trimester miscarriage.

The study,  conducted by Dr. Phillip Hay in 2002 and reported in the British Medical Journal involved 1214 pregnant women who were tested for BV.  Of these women, 174 tested positive for bacterial vaginosis and 121 of the women eventually suffered a miscarriage.

It’s important to note that not all of those women who miscarried were BV sufferers.  However, what the study concluded was that on average, a woman suffering from BV was up to five times more likely to suffer a miscarriage in the second trimester than a woman who did not suffer from BV.

The study did not find that BV led to any increase in first trimester miscarriages.

At this point, the reasons for a possible connection between BV and miscarriage are unknown but the bottom line is that if you are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant and suffer from bacterial vaginosis, I would highly recommend that you treat your infection so that risk of miscarriage is reduced.  Also, if you have had an unexplained second trimester miscarriage, consider getting tested for BV, before trying to get pregnant again.  Getting tested and dealing with an infection in time will greatly increase your chances of delivering a healthy, full term baby!

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