Can BV Cause Brown Discharge?

Can BV Cause Brown Discharge?

Brownish vaginal discharge is a common symptom of many types of vaginal infections and is sometimes present in women suffering from bacterial vaginosis. Although BV discharge is usually an off-white or grayish color, irritation of the inflamed vaginal tissue during BV (often caused by sex) can result in a thin brownish discharge. This discharge may occur after bv treatment and may persist for a short while after your BV is cleared up.

The reason for the brown color is the “spotting” which occurs when a small amount of blood is passed out of the vagina and mixes with the typical grayish discharge that usually accompanies BV. When the spotting happens, you may even notice a few drops of red or brownish blood on your underwear, particularly after urination or sexual intercourse. The occurrence and frequency of this type of discharge varies from woman to woman.

If you are suffering from spotting and are unsure whether you have BV or something else, I would recommend that you speak to your doctor to ensure a proper diagnosis. While it’s unlikely to be anything of concern, persistent discharge could be an indication of something more serious including sexually transmitted diseases like trichomonas, chlamydia and gonorrhea. It goes without saying that it’s important to rule out any of these other causes not only because your sexual partner(s) would also be at risk but because, left untreated, these types of conditions can cause serious longer term issues.

If you already know that you are suffering from bacterial vaginosis, then the brown discharge is likely just a symptom of that condition and avoiding further irritation to the vaginal canal should help reduce the severity of the brown discharge. And, of course, once you have cured your BV completely, the discharge should subside altogether.

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2 Responses to Can BV Cause Brown Discharge?

  1. Stella says:

    I’ve been getting a brown discharge for months with my BV but was really confused because every other site I found only talked about a grey or white discharge. Good to know that BV and not something more serious is probably the culprit.

  2. Lisa SK says:

    I was diagnosed with BV about three months ago but my discharge just recently started turning a brownish color. I definitely need to get this cleared up as soon as possible. Thanks for all the good tips and advice.

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