BV And Your Period

BV And Your Period

Many women wonder how their period will affect their bacterial vaginosis. Depending on your own biological makeup, your period may make bacterial vaginosis worse or it may have no affect at all.

While some women assume that getting their period will help “flush out” the infection, there is no support for this in the current medical literature.  BV is an imbalance between the good and bad bacteria in the vagina and, in order to get rid of it, treatments such as antibiotics, hydrogen peroxide douches and acidophilus are required in order to eliminate the infection and re-colonize the vagina.

Some women have reported that getting their period ctually activates their bacterial vaginosis worse because menstrual blood is more alkaline and therefore promotes the conditions which favor the development of harmful bacteria, especially in chronic sufferers.

Some tampon manufacturers make tampons which are infused with acid in order to help prevent BV from developing. If you regularly suffer from BV, I would highly recommend trying a product like this as it may help to prevent the recurrence of BV during your period.

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